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Usage Rules I
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User regulations
• Usage of all core facility microscopes will require a mandatory introduction for each user and instrument. These introductions need to be requested via PPMS (“Request a training”) and will require between 1.5 h (widefield) and 3h (confocal) per instrument.
• All user trainings/introductions will be free of charge for non-commercial users.
• The PPMS platform will be used for bookings, announcements and training requests.
• Users need to comply with the instructions of the core facility manager, concerning safe and proper use of the microscopes.
• After the introduction, new users will receive limited access to the respective microscope (novice status), which will be changed to full autonomous status as soon as some expertise was acquired as evidenced in assisted sessions.
• All new and existing users are welcome to request assisted sessions, whenever they wish to do so, e.g. for setting up new types of experiments or improving settings.
• It is strictly forbidden to introduce any third persons to any system within the core facility. This is exclusively done by the manager and other authorized persons as indicated in PPMS.
• In the microscope room (M01.381) all mobile phones must be off or in flight mode since some detectors will not properly operate in the presence of mobile phone signals.
• Users may not change the settings of the air condition within the room M01.381, since this will lead to instability of the microscopes.
• Users need to transfer their freshly acquired image data directly after the respective session using the network drives as supplied by the IT. It is not acceptable to use any portable device (such as USB stick or external HD) for this purpose.
• There is no general backup done on any of the microscopes. All data left there need to be considered as unsafe. Users are fully responsible for the safety of their own data, including backups.
• Microscopy data are original data and need to be available for supervisors, referees, funding agencies etc. upon request. This requires saving and storing them in the proprietary format of the respective microscope company.
• Usage fees are published within PPMS and on the facility website and will apply immediately after publication.
• Please enter any publication that was achieved using equipment of the core facility into PPMS (Publications)
• All systems must be treated very carefully and in full awareness that they represent a very substantial economic value.
• Student users need to inform the manager in case of damage immediately and submit a damage report to the ÖH-insurance.


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